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We team the bright minds

in our contractor’s network to bundle their great experience and knowledge with the aim to deliver the highest quality of IT-services

Audit & Process Improvement

Project Governance

Knowledge Transfer

Our service portfolio includes

Audit & Process Improvement

  • IT & Security Audit
  • Support in 27001 ISO certification,NEN 7510 & AVG compliance
  • Optimization of IT & Business Processes

Project Governance

  • Project Delivery Health Check
  • Project Complexity Review & Feasibility Assessment
  • Program & Project Management supported by governance and controls
  • Solution Design and Technical Review
  • Vendor and Resource Management

Knowledge Transfer

  • Inception of an IT Centre of Excellence
  • Coaching in Project Delivery best practises
  • Provide Training for "Security by Design" behaviours

our leading philosophy

is to support the Strategic Transformation of Our Clients, their company, with people, processes and tools aligned to their aspirational growth

We assist our client to realize their strategies, to increase effectiveness of their organization and improve efficiency of their business processes, supported by IT solutions.


What can you expect of our Senior Teams

  • 20+ years of IT Delivery Experience across a wide range of experiences
  • Coaching methods that ensure robust knowledge transfer
  • Ability to lead and influence local delivery partners and client teams
  • Business Process Re-engineering to drive efficiencies
  • The application of pragmatic governance structure for speed and control of delivery
  • Thought-leaders in their subject matter
  • Creative solutions to complex problems
  • High Emotional Intelligence applied to cultural and organisational sensitive situations
  • Ruthless determination to execute to completion
  • Certified auditors
  • Six Sigma process professionals
  • IPMA B level project managers
  • Certified Coaches
  • Experienced consultants

Situational Methodologies

The methods applied need to fit the organizational needs, whether the client is a proven player in the market, the organization is strongly growing or consolidating.

Together we will determine the organizational development circumstances and choose the method and tempo that best suits the situation and the implementation of changes planned.

We adapt to the client’s organizational environment, while you can count on certified knowledge:

  • Certified Auditors
  • Six Sigma Process Professionals
  • IPMA B level & PMP Certified Project Managers
  • Certified Coaches
  • Experienced Consultants

Each industry has its own unique requirements and challenges.

Given our experience in various industries, we are able to apply the specific solutions needed to fit the requirements. At the same time we are able to challenge known solutions and offer alternatives.

Out of the Box Services accepts projects in various industries in the European and Middle Eastern & North African region.

We will support and enable your ambitions of continuous improvement and growth. Our program- & project managers and senior international consultants know how to simplify tough challenges and structure the implementation of the solutions together with your partners. We have a pure business driven focus and will make sure that our clients leverage the best of Information Technology: a synergy of efficient and effective systems and processes, brought together in support for the growth of your organization.

We have built our experience in and with various cultures and proved to get the job done by:


Contract our Services

Out of the Box Services accepts contracts as
main contractor
or as sub contractor

We will calculate required budget realistically and together with the customer agree and commit to the conditions that secure feasibility

Out of the box - initiates

Suite Quality B.V.

We have selected
bright minds with determination
to focus their experience to deliver the highest level of service in implementing netsuite and supporting suiteapps


Oracle is promoting NetSuite and the market is showing more demand than can be serviced with Quality. We see the NetSuite cloud solutions as a great tool to help your organization develop and support your growth.



We offer a blend of senior implementation experience and Netsuite specific knowledge. We support implementations of Netsuite & SuiteApps, develop to mature and create add-ons.


We determine the clients scale and maturity and adapt our approach & team accordingly:

Assess & Prepare
Functional & Technical Consultants

Data & Integration Specialists

Test Data & Train
Test& Train to Adopt Coaching

Go-live & Support
Project Management

We simplify implementation where scale is limited and scale up where complexity is high.

IT competence centre development

We provide coaching on the job for your team to support their development with cases out of your daily practice.


Post go-live amount of issues seem not to decrease sub-optimal use of the systems, users experience gaps with the processes and functionalities.


During the intake we assess together with the customer where the challenges are regarding the need to develop the IT competence team and super user community. Based on the intake we assess which specific knowledge domains can be identified

We provide the Knowledge Guide that matches. Depending on the ambitions the development program will be proposed and agreed with problem- and budget owners.


The Knowledge Guide will work initially with the team, as fly on the wall, to determine specific accents for the development.

In the next phase in daily soapbox sessions the Guide will address specific cases to share the method of resolution.

In weekly hour sessions the Knowledge Guide will address the lessons learned.

Out of the box - initiates
Bright Minds With Detemerination

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